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Taxi Service - BATS Taxi

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5 Passengers Ride for the Price of 1.

Each car in our fleet accommodates up to 5 passengers. Make it a girls/guys night out! For trips to the airport, cruise connections, and local attractions, nothing beats BATS Taxi's value.

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Why is BATS Taxi superior to a Vans/Limo Service? Here's a few reasons.

BATS TaxiVans/Limo Service
One stop door to door serviceMultiple pick ups throughout city
5 ride for the price of 1!Cost can be much more than taxi for
2 or more passengers
Comfortable sedan seating with a
personal driver for your exclusive use
Bus style bench seating while riding
with strangers
Immediate availability! or make
convenient reservations
You're required to travel when it fits
their tight schedule
Choice of preferred driversNo choice of driver
No charge for bags/packagesSome van services charge for baggage

* This calculator is ONLY an estimate and will not be honored as the final taxi cost. The calculator does not take into account wait time. In consideration to our clients who are geographically closer to destinations BATS will meter those trips, resulting in a reduced rate.